Clinical Consultants, LLC has developed a treatment program to meet the needs of people suffering from addiction to any type of opiate.  This program consists of two main components: treatment medication and counseling.  These are combined to provide you with the most effective treatment for your addiction.

We offer Suboxone, Subutex and Vivitrol for opioid dependence. 

The medication you receive will not only provide your brain time to heal, but also manage symptoms of your addiction to allow you to focus on recovery activities. The counseling support you receive is what is going to set you up for success in long-term recovery when you’re ready to stop taking the medication. Our program contains standard worksheets and session topics you will work through with your counselor and individualize to your recovery. There are three (3) distinct phases to the course which you’ll go through with your counselor that coincide with your time and progress in treatment.

This phase includes your assessment, intake and immediate need services.  Generally, this phase will last through the first few weeks of treatment.  You will meet with your counselor regularly for sessions, education about treatment, and drug screening.

Early Recovery:
Once your medication dose starts to stabilize and you have an understanding of treatment, you and your counselor will start working on understanding your addiction.  You will identify longer term treatment plan goals, learn to understand your triggers, and create a road map of your path to recovery.

Relapse Prevention & Stabilization:
Your physician and you will develop a taper plan beginning in the early stages of treatment.  During this Relapse Prevention and Stabilization phase you will continue any tapering off your treatment medication and working on an after care plan.